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Over 2.5 prediction and under 2.5 prediction bet types are still the favourite of most players, despite 3.5 goals betting being on the rise. The majority of bettors prefer exactly over 2.5 tips because they are connected to more mainstream markets. The winning percentage is much higher in comparison to 3.5 bets. Therefore, it's no surprise that players will rather invest in a bet with a bigger winning amount. .

AS Rejiche
2 FEB. 06:00 Ligue 1 Tunisia
Olympique Béja
Esperance Tunis
2 FEB. 06:00 Ligue 1 Tunisia
AS Soliman
2 FEB. 06:00 Ligue 1 Tunisia

Best soccer Over/Under predictions for today.
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Both are very simple and pretty secure bets which could have higher odds than you would normally get with a classic winner of the match bet. Over 2.5 bet is where you bet that there will be 3 or more goals in total in between the two teams. For example, a 2-1 result would mean that there was over 2.5 goals in the match.
Under 2.5 bet is just the opposite. You will win this bet in case the game ends with zero, 1 or 2 goals. Anything more than 2 goals in the match and you lose a bet. The winning results need to be 1-1, 1-0 or even 2-0 for you to win the bet.
Both are very simple markets but they demand a bit different preparation and research. Unlike the winner of the match, prediction for this market will demand following more details. For example, you want to follow the scores in the leagues to learn which are consistently low-scoring or high-scoring. It's also useful to pay attention to coaches and their strategy and how they act against defensive and aggressive-playing teams.

As already mentioned, preparation plays a key role in this situation. Creating a winning slip won't just happen by itself as there is a wide range of options to consider. But what are exactly the benefits of this market - and why should I choose precisely over 2.5 tips?
There are few good reasons and the first one is that it's very popular. It is less risky than over 3.5 goals, so there are a lot more predictions available online and many more resources to compare tips and consider what could make a winning ticket.
Another advantage is that this is the perfect market for when bettors are uncertain in the outcome of the game. A match between two high-scoring teams could be a perfect start for betting on this market.
The last reason to bet on this market is pretty good odds. This market usually gives a nice balance between security and a lucrative cash flow. Certainly, it doesn't have odds as good as high-risk bets but it's a pretty good compromise considering it's a rather safe bet.

Just like any other, this betting market can be pretty frustrating, even if you have reliable over 2.5 tips on hand. Even if you find a reliable prediction, the game could drastically turn in another direction. You might be left praying for a last-minute goal or even worse if the team misses that last goal in the final minutes. Football is despite all odds, still a pretty unpredictable sport and that is what makes betting so fun. So, instead of fearing the worst, enjoy the betting and invest less money or at least the money you won't miss later (in case you lose your bet).

Under 2.5 prediction is a great strategy when trying to figure out a game between two low-scoring teams. The process is the same as in over 2.5 prediction so you can find predictions online on numerous websites or create your own. There are also many strategies bettors use and over time, you will see what works best for you.

The reason is more or less the same as with over 2.5 prediction. However, sometimes the fitness of teams is showing that there might not be many goals to look forward to in a game. It could also be that the two teams are usually low-scorers.
Under 2.5 prediction is like a middle ground for all over/under markets, as two goals are the most common occurrence, while 0 goals is also a good possibility. It is the most conservative estimate of any fixture but also most reliable so in case it offers good odds, it's worth taking the opportunity.

Before you just do a quick search for your under 2.5 predictions, keep in mind that there are other things you need to observe. Don't just focus on the recent form of the team. There are some leagues where the majority of matches end with low scores. Even skilled goalscorers could see a drop in their attempts at the goal once they transfer.
Besides players and leagues, you want to follow managers and their work as that will tell you a lot about their strategy and style of play. If they play aggressive instead of defensive, it could make all the difference. After all, they are directing their squad towards victory or failure, which will later recognize the more you follow it.

In case you see that there is no hope for your team anymore, you can choose a Cash-out option if it's available. Keep in mind that not every bet and every market (and not every betting house) will offer this option. If you are aiming for this as a reserve, check if it's available before you place your bet. With the Cash-out option, you can get back part of the money you invested and save yourself from losing all of your invested cash.
Still, it's not recommended to use that all the time as you won't get back all you invested. Not only that but as the match comes closer to the ending, the amount you get back gets smaller. Of course, when the match is concluded and few minutes prior (depending on the bookmaker) is not possible to use this feature. Read the terms and conditions for Cashout bets before you just jump into it.

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